10-12 May 2017 Adana, Turkey

TESNAT 2017 - Invited Talks

Prof. Dr. Mohamed BELGAID University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene
"Monoenergetic fusion-based neutron sources (D-D and D-T) and their applications"
"How to detect irradiated food?"
Prof. Dr. Jameel-Un NABI GIK, Pakistan
"Gamma heating rates in stellar matter due weak rates on sd-shell nuclei"
Dr. Ahmed AZBOUCHE Nuclear Research Centre of Algerie
"Uses nuclear techniques of radiotracers and INAA of rare earth elements for soil erosion assessment"
Prof. Dr. Ahmet BOZKURT Akdeniz University
The practice of radiation protection: Old habits, new trends
Prof. Dr. Gülsen ÖNENGÜT Çağ University
"The latest news from CERN"
Prof. Dr. A. Güneş TANIR Gazi University
"The distribution of ionizing radiation in the area surrounding the target mass using OSL"